President Erdoğan says one of the biggest heroes of July 15 were the Turkish youth

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the 38th traditional general meeting of the Ensar Foundation in İstanbul on Sunday.

Walking up to the podium after the opening ceremony, Erdoğan made a brief speech. President Erdoğan spoke in regards to the youth, mentioning the troubles they faced politically...

" The generations before us were exposed to the one party chp. Following that, the 1960 coup was a major shock. We have lost many friends in the twilight zone of the 1970s. We happened to be among the generation that was exposed to the 1980 coup. You have probably heard the fright and cruelty that took place on february 28 from people that experienced the trauma in person. Lastly, we witnessed the July 15 coup attempt together. The ones thinking they had long got away with all the bad they had done to our nation, got the lesson of their lives on the night of july 15 coup attempt." Erdoğan said.

"One of the biggest heroes of July 15 were the Turkish youth. Although they haven't gone through all the painful memories of the past, with their praiseworthy instincts, our youth took action immediately as soon as it was clear that it was a coup attempt- they challenged tanks and saved our country from those traitors. Our youth was always in the frontline." President Erdoğan added.

"Our 2023 vision is no longer just a wish, it has become a concept that we believe our youth is now able to turn into reality." he said in a statement.

Lastly, President Erdoğan read a poem for the anniversary of İstanbul's conquest.

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