Grandson of Russıan General to do DNA test

Following a surprise discovery of a coffin containing a corpse in military uniform, Kars museum manager stated that the body might be that of Russian General Vasiliy Geyman.

The corpse is believed to belong to an army officer and is likely to have died when Russian forces captured Ottoman territory in the 1877 Russo-Ottoman war.

Russian General Vasiliy Geyman also worked in a Russian Garrison in the region.

The general's grandson, Boris Akimov said that the body might be belong to his grandfather, and he will come to Turkey to perform a DNA test.

The director of Kars museum underlined that there are three stars and the number 20 is written on his uniform. This figure is probably the general's service number.

He underlined that Turkish and russian historians have to focus together on this archeological find.

The body and coffin was taken to the Kars museum in Turkey.

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