Erdoğan: Turkey will solve problems related to EU after referendum

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan evaluated political agenda on a TV interview...

President Erdoğan explained Turkish conditions for peace process with the PKK terrorists. "If ETA has buried its arms you can bury your arms too. Bury it in a known place and with coordination. Necessary steps will be then taken. If you say 'I will go to abroad, you will go'. There are things to be discussed by the relevant authorities. However if you say 'let us talk with arms in our hands'. There is no such a thing. This is the process from now on. Let ETA be their example. Look there are not even one thousand people. It is about 600 people. But here the number is very different. But you see our determination. Within 20 months about ten thousand terrorists have been neutralized." he said in a statement.

Erdoğan also said that Turkey would finally solve the problems related to EU admission after April 16 referendum. "In the case of a "yes" vote victory with a strong margin, we will bring to the table issues like EU. We will say 'come please; are you there or not?' we have waited for 54 years. We have no more time to wait after this. Please sit down and give your decision. In the case you don't give your decision we will give ours." President Erdoğan told in interview.

"If it should be extended, it will be extended. There is no obstacle in this respect. If France can extend theirs, can there be any one to stand up against that decision? ", Erdoğan also talked about the possibility of extending the state of emergency.

The other point discussed by the President is the position he has about those who will say "no" to the presidential system in the up-comıng referendum. "Of course we accept those who say "no" with understanding. That is another issue. But who wants our citizens to say no? This question should be asked. If Qanndil says no. if the Imralı say no. Pennsylvania says no. Are they not those who divide this nation? My citizens will say I will not walk beside these people. I believe this is the case. This is not to put an obstacle in front of the independent decision of citizens" he ended his speech with these words.

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