Does the OSCE only target Turkey?

The OSCE released its controversial report on the Turkish referendum, but it is still a matter of contention because of the observers' connection with PKK terrorists.

Turkish officials insist this report is highly prejudiced and biased. The OSCE's assessments are based on incomplete information that may result in misinformation. The report has disregarded the principles of objectivity.

The OSCE organization ignored the pressures of Germany and Netherlands towards Turkish citizens who lived in abroad. The German officials and media publicly supported the no campaign by pressuring Turkish citizens to block "yes" votes. However, in the OSCE reports, these have never been addressed.

Does the OSCE report only target Turkey? The record of the OSCE is not so clean. After 2011 election in Belarus observers of the organization for security and cooperation in Europe released a biased report on democracy in Belarus saying that elections there did not meet democratic criteria.

As a reaction, the OSCE office in capital was closed down and its officials were also deported.

The OSCE's so-called 'neutral' observers have showed their bias against Turkey before, ignoring the inconvenient policies of Bulgarian government towards Turkish journalists. Officials blocked their entrance to the country during the Bulgarian parliamentary election.

Their policy was to prevent the reflection of the will of the Turkish and Muslim voters in the Bulgarian parliament. However the OSCE observers did not remark on this fact in the report.

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