Assassin of Russian ambassador found in FETO documents

Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov's assassin appears in the lists of the FETO terror organization assassin Mert Altıntaş's name was found in FETO documents described as "one of us".

Last weeks police operation on FETO members exposed the structure of the organization within the police here is more on that story.

Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov's assassin, the off duty police officer Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş has appeared in the lists of the FETO terror organization. Altintaş's name was found in FETO documents pertaining "secret imams", allegedly together with a note describing him as "one of us"

Mert Altıntaş was reportedly mentioned in a 20,000 word file stored on a micro card that was seized at the house of an alleged FETO member during operations which took place in the last week of april.

The police archive classified Turkish police officers according to their closeness or hostility to FETO. The report lists 2,500 high ranking police officers as enemies, out of which 55 were said to be vicious enemies.

The operations during which the card was reportedly seized were carried out on april 26. The raids concentrated on the so called "secret imams" of the terrorist group and aimed to expose the structure of the organization within the police. Some 1,120 individuals were detained countrywide for suspected ties to FETO.

According to information obtained following the recent raids, all FETO linked superiors and police officers of the branch office for appointments have been removed from office completely and 9,103 police officers have been suspended as part of the latest operations.
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