YPG raises Russian flag in Afrin

In an effort to prevent offensive from the Turkish Armed Forces, the PKK- affiliated terror group YPG/PYD raised a Russian flag in the Syria's Afrin town close to Turkish-Syrian border.

Following a statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin denying any cooperation with the PKK-affiliated Democratic Union Party in Syria, the terror group raised a Russian flag in the town of Afrin on the Turkish-Syrian border on Thursday.

Footage showed a Russian flag raised in the PYD-held Azaz/Parsa mountain area of northern Syria, near Turkey's Kilis province.

Following his return from a state visit to Russia, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told reporters that he had expressed his concerns to President Putin regarding photos of Russian soldiers beside PKK-affiliated YPG forces in Syria's Afrin.

President Erdoğan quoted Putin as saying Russian soldiers would not be cooperating with such groups.

YPG terrorists have previously used other countries' flags in the region amid efforts to prevent the Turkish Armed Forces and the Free Syrian Army's offensive in the region.
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