Ramadan timing across the world

In the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world fast from fajr, call to prayer before sunrise and make iftar, that is to break their fast at sundown.

In recent years, Ramadan has moved increasingly into the summer months which bring long days in the northern hemisphere and sweltering heat for many countries.

Last year, fasting hours across the world ranged from between 11 and 22 hours. However, this year, fasting hours will range between 10 hours in chile and 21 hours in Greenland.

Fasting hours during Ramadan change by a few minutes throughout the month, by the end of Ramadan, the day will be a little longer than at the beginning in some countries, and shorter in others.

Nuuk, in greenland has the highest fasting period this year, with 21 hours of fasting, from 2:16am to sunset at 11:14pm in the evening.

Other countries like Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia and Germany range between 19 to 20 hours of fasting. İstanbul, London, Zurich and Rome range between 16 to 18 hours, while Punta Arenas in Chile has the lowest fasting period of 10 hours.

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