One of the most crowded iftar in Turkey

One of the most crowded iftar ceremonies in Turkey was held on Sunday, in the southeastern city of Van.The iftar ceremony attracted thousands of people, mainly residents of van and other important dignitaries around Turkey.Muslims around the world share the spirit of unity, peace and harmony in the holy month of Ramadan.Fasting is a form of training where Muslims abstain from eating and drinking for the entire day, in addition to leaving all unlawful acts that are forbiden in Islam.Ramadan is considered to be a month of increased sharing and solidarity among Muslims and efforts to please Allah.Iftar hour is a time where all Muslims break their fast with delicious dishes and socialize with family and friends.In Turkey, municipalities go the extra mile to organize iftar for people to socialize and share the Ramadan atmosphere.Here we see the elderly, women and young children coming together to celebrate their iftar.

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