Japanese eatery pairs tech with food

If a good looking plate can whet your appetite, this restaurant Tokyo is raising the bar."It's an experience on many levels for sure," said customer Viktor Tell.Sagaya restaurant uses state-of-the-art sensor technology, projection mapping, and sound to deliver a feast of digital art paired with a 12 course Japanese fusion meal."It's like another dimension. I feel like i've been transported somewhere else," said customer Junko Tamaki.The experience is created in partnership with a design studio, and only 8 customers are served per day.The scenes unfold and change as each course is brought to the table."We've been playing with our foods, almost, it's a grown up version of that, I would say," Tell said.And thanks to artificial intelligence, no two dining experiences are the same.Depending on the diner's movement and the number of customers, the projected surroundings react in different ways."You are going to have (something) completely different from when you have dinner at home," said Teamlab Communication Director Takashi Kudo.A dining experience at Sagaya costs about $300 per person.The restaurant is aims to change the menu and the projections every month, according to the seasons.

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