Meteorologists warn against soaring temperatures in Istanbul


Meteorologists in Istanbul have warned against unusually high temperatures and suffocating humidity, with 35 C (95 F) forecast for the city over the course of next week, saying citizens should avoid direct exposure to the sun that could lead to sun stroke.

The General Directorate of Meteorology said that the temperatures that are already above the seasonal norms will soar in the first 10 days of August to 35 C while the felt temperature could be as high as 40 C in the afternoon hours.

The cloudy weather that is currently easing the city's heat will fade away starting on Friday and temperatures will keep on increasing as wind speed decreases, experts said.

According to the forecast, the wind speed will decline to 26 km/hr from 47 km/hr.

In early July, temperatures in Istanbul rose to as high as 39.2 C, just off the highest-ever temperature in recorded history.

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