App against domestic violence saves women

A woman looks at the KADES App, Adana, Nov. 11, 2019. (AA Photo)

KADES, an app that serves as "an emergency button" for women threatened with domestic violence, is credited with the rapid protection of women. Developed by the Interior Ministry, the app, whose name is a Turkish acronym for Emergency Support Hotline for Women (KADES), helps women report potential threats to police.

A group of women in the southern province of Adana shared their experience with the app at an event organized by local police on Monday. Police also informed those attending the event on how to use the app.

N.O., who faced constant death threats from her former boyfriend, says she downloaded the app for protection. "He'd often show up while I was walking outside and he'd either beat me or flee by the time I could call 155 [the police hotline] and give my location. With KADES, it takes only three minutes for police to arrive. This was what happened the other day. When I pressed the button officers came and took him to a police station and helped me. If it wasn't for KADES, I could be dead or kidnapped," she said.

F.Y., who was near finalizing her divorce with her violent husband, said her husband used to beat her before she was able to call the police. "I downloaded the app after police informed me about it when I went to the police station to report violence. My husband had a restraining order but he confronted me again. When I pressed the button in the app, police immediately showed up and detained him," she said.

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