Rediscovered after 150 years, rare flower causes stir

AA Photo

Nature has a funny way of working. One minute you think you have lost an entire species and a second later you discover it has returned to where it belongs. This is what happened to the yellow mountain rose, which scientists thought was extinct in the mountains of the Black Sea. This peculiar flower was rediscovered in the Black Sea province of Giresun after 150 years, and this time scientists and the local government are doing everything in their power not to lose it again.

To protect the flower, scientists and officials at the Nature Protection and National Parks General Directorate are examining how the flower spreads in the ecosystem and are trying to find other habitats for the flower to grow.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Yusuf Kandazoğlu of the Nature Protection and National Parks General Directorate said the first rediscovery of the yellow mountain rose took place in 2017, and the directorate has been working nonstop to find a way to increase the population of the flower.

"We are trying to transfer the seeds of the flower to other places as well as greenhouses to help it flourish in other areas as well," added Kandazoğlu.

Since the yellow mountain rose can also be used commercially, Kandazoğlu said those who harm the flower or use it for commercial purposes will face TL 64,000 fine.

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