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Putin to sign treaty with Kim Jong Un during North Korea visit

The Kremlin said in a statement that an all-inclusive cooperation agreement is anticipated to be signed during Russian President Vladimir Putin's upcoming trip to North Korea with leader Kim Jong Un.

Published June 18,2024
Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jon Un are expected to sign a comprehensive cooperation treaty during Putin's imminent visit to the country, the Kremlin said on Tuesday.

Putin will go to the isolated dictatorship for what officials described as a "friendly state visit."

Putin had approved a draft treaty prepared by the Russian Foreign Ministry, officials said. It is to be signed in person by Putin and Kim. No details were released on the treaty's contents.

Putin was to visit the eastern Russian city of Yakutsk before arriving in North Korea. He is due to depart North Korea on Wednesday for a two-day visit to Vietnam, the Kremlin said.

Ahead of the visit, Putin praised Pyongyang for its "unwavering support for Russia's special military operation in Ukraine," using the Kremlin's wording to refer to the war in Ukraine, in a letter published in Pyongyang's official newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

The Russian leader also thanked North Korea for its solidarity on important international issues, adding that it was "committed and like-minded" and ready to counter the West's aspiration to restrain the establishment of a multipolar world order.

According to Putin, both countries have plans to collaborate on building a security architecture in Eurasia, countering Western sanctions, and establishing independent transaction systems.

The Russian leader had received an invitation from Kim to hold talks in Pyongyang on expanding military cooperation and other issues, the Kremlin said.

Russia's long-standing close ties with North Korea are viewed with great suspicion by the United States and its allies. According to Western countries, North Korea supplies ammunition for Russia's war against Ukraine.

North Korea is isolated internationally and subject to tough sanctions due to its nuclear weapons programme.

In September 2023, Kim travelled to Russia on a rare foreign trip, joining Putin for a tour of the Vostochny space launch centre in Russia's far-eastern region of Amur.