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Ethiopia claims 800 Al-Shabaab terrorists killed in border areas

Anadolu Agency WORLD
Published August 06,2022

Ethiopia on Saturday said that Al-Shabaab terrorists who crossed its borders from neighboring Somalia were routed with 800 fighters of the terrorist group killed.

In a Twitter post on Friday night, Mustefe M. Omer, president of Ethiopia's Somali Region state, said that with 800 killed and 100 captured, Al-Shabab's "misadventure into Ethiopia ended with a rout of the terrorists."

"The task of ensuring it never dares to get close to the border is underway," Omer said.

Quoting Maj. Gen. Tesfaye Ayalew, the state-owned Ethiopian News Agency reported that 22 Al-Shabaab leaders were among those "neutralized."

"The attempt of the terrorist Al-Shabaab to wreak havoc by infiltrating the Ethiopian side of the border has been successfully thwarted," the general said, adding the Ethiopian army and regional special forces collaborated in the counter-offensive.

Ethiopia used both ground force and its air force in routing the Al-Shabaab terrorist group that has been trying to infiltrate the Horn of Africa country since July 21.

Al-Shabaab did not react to Ethiopia's claim but a senior commander of the terrorist group claimed that they killed 100 Ethiopian soldiers in the fighting.

Ethiopian television during a prime-time news bulletin showed Al-Shabaab terrorists who were captured in the fighting.