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Russian troops capture Ukrainian settlements near Lysychansk

Published June 24,2022
Smoke billows over the oil refinery outside the town of Lysychansk on June 23, 2022, amid Russia's military invasion launched on Ukraine (AFP)
In the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk, Russian and pro-Russian fighters said they had captured the settlements of Hirske and Zolote.

On Friday, the Luhansk separatists displayed the hoisting of a Soviet flag on the municipal administration building of Zolote, which lies south of the embattled major city of Lysychansk. There was initially no confirmation from the Ukrainian side.

On Thursday, it was reported that Russian troops had surrounded the area around the two settlements. It remained unclear whether at least parts of the Ukrainian units were able to withdraw in time and thus save themselves.

Russia invaded Ukraine four months ago and has since conquered large parts of eastern and southern Ukraine.

In the Luhansk region, Ukrainian troops now only control the large city of Lysychansk after withdrawing from neighbouring Severodonetsk. There too, however, Russian soldiers have already advanced to the outskirts of the city.