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Paris police clear migrant camp amid questions about their next home

Published June 22,2022

About 360 migrants are being sent to new quarters after French police cleared a tent camp north-east of Paris on Wednesday.

The camp residents will be taken to centres in Paris and the greater capital region after their visa status is clarified and after a social services and health check, according to the prefectural government of the French capital's Île-de-France region.

It's the ninth clearing of a migrant camp in and around Paris this year, which officials follow up by offering the residents a spot in more fixed shelters. The clearing operations have affected about 2,000 migrants so far this year.

Clearing camps is not new in Paris. Dozens have been cleared out in recent years. However, clearing one in the past has usually meant another pops up somewhere else soon thereafter. Most of these camps lack basic facilities and are generally not fit to serve as homes.

That has led critics to slam the clearing actions, noting that they are only show, without actually changing the situation.

And on Wednesday, refugee organization Utopia 56 reported that several of the migrants removed from their camp in Wednesday's action are already back to living on the street.