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German police seize child pornography in raid of far-right network

Anadolu Agency WORLD
Published October 21,2021

Police raided several houses in central Germany as part of an investigation into criminal activities of far-right groups, authorities said on Thursday.

During searches at eight houses in Darmstadt, Kassel and Marburg, police seized electronic files containing images of child pornography, various illegal documents and far-right propaganda material, a Hessian state police statement said.

Twelve suspects, aged between 14 and 54, have been under investigation for possession of child pornography, using symbols of terror organizations, and inciting racial hatred, according to the statement.

In a piece of related news, German police conducted searches at 14 premises across the country on Wednesday, against a far-right group that calls itself "Berserker Clan".

The public prosecutor's office in Berlin said the police seized weapons, drugs and doping substances during the raids.