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Germany's Merkel in video call farewell with China's Xi

Published October 13,2021

German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed bilateral relations and current international issues with President Xi Jinping by video call on Wednesday during her farewell meeting with the Chinese leader.

"Among other things, preparations for the upcoming G20 summit, climate change issues and combating the pandemic, as well as human rights and the European Union's investment agreement with China were discussed," government spokeswoman Martina Fietz said.

The meeting was conducted by video on account of the coronavirus pandemic.

Merkel and Xi also highlighted the significance of the 50th anniversary of the start of diplomatic relations between their two countries to be marked next year.

Merkel's term of office is to end formally on October 26, when the new German parliament is expected to meet for the first time following the September 26 elections. She will, however, remain in office along with her cabinet in a caretaking capacity until a new coalition has been formed.

Following the elections, China expressed the hope of continuing cooperation with Germany, with a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman explicitly praising Merkel's efforts in expanding links with China during her 16 years as chancellor.