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Beijing calls on U.S. to to stop depicting China as a threat

Beijing on Wednesday accused Washington of "paranoid delusion" after Senate passed a sweeping industrial policy bill aimed at countering the surging economic threat from . America's political parties overcame partisan divisions to support pumping more than $170 billion into research and development.

Reuters WORLD
Published June 09,2021

The Chinese foreign ministry on Wednesday urged the United States to stop promoting a package of laws aimed at boosting its ability to compete with Chinese technology, and to stop depicting China as a threat.

The U.S. should not treat China as an imaginary enemy, said Wang Wenbing, a foreign ministry spokesman, adding that the United State's biggest enemy is itself.

China urges the United States to adopt the correct attitude, and avoid damaging overall Sino-U.S. relations and cooperation in important areas, Wang said at a regular media briefing.