Coronavirus cases in India surpass 5 million

A healthcare worker wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) takes swabs from a farmer in a field in Kavitha village in the western state of Gujarat, India, September 15, 2020. (REUTERS/Amit Dave)

, currently the second worst-hit country worldwide by COVID-19, surpasses 5 million mark on Wednesday

India surpassed the 5 million mark in coronavirus cases Wednesday as the country continues to battle the spread of the disease.

Health Ministry figures showed that 90,123 fresh cases were recorded in the last 24 hours, taking the total number of infections in the country to 5,020,359. has added one million cases in less than two weeks.

There were also 1,290 fresh -related deaths in the country, taking the total to 82,066.

On Tuesday, the country had seen a slight drop in the daily figures with 83,809 new infections. Before that, it was recording over 90,000 cases on a daily basis for five days.

India is currently the second worst-hit country worldwide by COVID-19, with experts predicting that by the end of September, it may even surpass the US -- the worst-affected country -- in terms of the severity of the pandemic.

While the total number of cases in India has now reached 5 million, a survey published in a medical journal estimated that the country had 6.4 million infections three months ago.

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