Turkey says history will not forgive UAE for Israel deal

"While betraying the Palestinian cause to serve its narrow interests, the UAE is trying to present this as a kind of act of self-sacrifice for Palestine. History and the conscience of the people living in the region will not forget and never forgive this ," said in a statement on Friday.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said on Friday that history and the conscience of the region's people will not forget and never forgive the "hypocritical behaviour" of the United Arab Emirates in agreeing on a deal with Israel.

It said in a written statement that the Palestinian people and administration were right to show a strong reaction against the agreement, which will lead to full normalization of diplomatic relations between the UAE and Israel.

"The UAE, which is pursuing secret ambitions over a US plan that is stillborn and null and void, ignores the willpower of Palestine," read a statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

Expressing support to the people and the administration of Palestine on their reactions against the recent deal, Turkey also expressed serious concerns over the UAE aiming to unilaterally abolish the Arab Peace Plan.

"With that being the case, there is no credibility in presenting the trilateral declaration as a support to the Palestinian cause," the communique read.

The ministry statement also noted that the UAE administration "has no authority to negotiate with Israel on behalf of Palestine without consent from its people and administration, regarding vital matters."

and the UAE on have agreed to normalize relations, US President Donald Trump said Thursday, in a move forestalling Israel's controversial plans to annex large swathes of the occupied West Bank.

The development marks only the third time an Arab nation has opened full diplomatic ties with Israel, and the Emirates is now the first Gulf Arab state to do so. Other Arab nations with diplomatic ties with Israel are Egypt and Jordan.

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