Up to 300,000 left homeless by massive explosion - Beirut governor

Nearly 300,000 people have become after a massive blast at port destroyed many buildings, the city's governor, Marwan Abboud, said. He told reporters that between 250,000 and 300,000 people had lost their homes and authorities are working on providing them with food, water and shelter.

A huge blast in Beirut has left 300,000 people homeless and caused damage across half of the city estimated to cost more than $3 billion, its governor told AFP on Wednesday.

"I think there are between 250,000 and 300,000 people who are now without homes," said Marwan Aboud, adding that the estimated cost of the damage from Tuesday's explosion was between $3.0 billion and $5.0 billion dollars.

Engineers and technical teams have yet to conduct an official assessment, he said, adding that damage from the blast in the port area seems to have extended over half of the city.

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