Heavy Snowfall, avalanche leaves 15 dead in Afghanistan

Heavy snow and avalanches claimed at least 15 lives, including six people of a single family in Afghanistan, an official confirmed on Thursday.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Assadullah Sarwari, regional head of the Afghanistan Disasters Management Authority in central Daikundi province said, have caused death and destruction in the past 24 hours.

He confirmed the death of 15 people, including six members of a single-family. "Among the victims included two pregnant women who died because of their inability to reach to hospital for the delivery", he said.

Most of the internal roads and main highways connecting Daikundi province to other parts of the country have been blocked due to the , the local Salam radio reported.

Separately, the main Salang Highway connecting the Afghan capital Kabul with the rest of the northern provinces has been blocked for security reasons for the next 24 hours amid heavy snowfall.

Dozens of casualties -- most of them caused by mud houses collapsing in remote parts of the mountainous country -- were reported from different parts of the country last month due to harsh winter.

The country's National Meteorological Department has warned of heavy snowfall and flash floods in 19 out of 34 provinces his week.

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