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07.14.2020 19:16
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‘Who wants to feed a Bedouin?’: Israeli TV star causes uproar over racist video that he treated Palestinian children like animals

A video shared by Roy Oz -- a famous Israeli children's entertainer --, and showing Israeli host and his family handing Bedouin children food through their car window in the Negev region has caused uproar within Israel's Palestinian community, who have denounced the incident as reflecting broader political and social dehumanisation of Bedouins in Israel.

A popular Israeli children's entertainer posted a racist video content in which he treated Bedouin children like zoo animals during a family trip, repeatedly asking his children, "Who wants to feed a Bedouin?"

In the video published earlier in the day on the Tik Tok platform, a man, heard but not seen, films as he sits in a car with his family while two young Bedouin children stand outside. He holds up a cookie to the lens, then turns to his own young children in the back seat and repeatedly asks them if they want to feed the children outside.