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04.02.2018 00:00
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Scores of Israelis condemn violence against Palestinian protesters

Hundreds of Israeli protesters gathered outside the headquarters of Benjamin Netanyahu's Liikud Party in Tel Aviv on Sunday to protest Israeli violence against Palestinian protesters during the Land Day march.

Protesters with placards and banners against the Israeli occupation of the State of Palestine called out the army's unwarranted use of live fire and violence during the 'march of return' in Gaza that resulted in the death of at least 16 Palestinians.

Israeli parliament member, Dov Khenin said that the situation in Gaza is becoming "extremely dangerous and extremely worrying".

Dov Khenin also added that "Well the situation is extremely dangerous and extremely worrying. The fact that people demonstrating in a march towards the fence were actually killed by soldiers is alarming therefore we demand an inquiry to all the activities of the army and all the things that happened in Gaza."

Reya Moss, another protester, condemned the way that the Israeli army tried to disperse the protesters, and ended up killing peaceful demonstrators without any reasonable explanation.

Nirit Ben Koi, protester: "I think the Palestinians, especially in Gaza but everyone in Palestine have been denied their freedom for tens of years, for decades and it's their right to protest. Of course if there is violence it needs to be treated but I think the Israel army shot fire and started the violence with no need actually. They have a right to protest and they have the right for freedom. It was a non-violent, mostly, it was a non-violent protest and there was no need for that so."

At least sixteen protesters have been confirmed dead and clashes have been ongoing since friday, which marked the annual 'march of return' to commemorate 'Land Day'.