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Türkiye's fight against inflation should be recognized: World Bank country director

Anadolu Agency TÜRKIYE
Published June 13,2024

The efforts made by Türkiye's Central Bank and Treasury and Finance Ministry to tackle inflation are worthy of recognition, the World Bank's director for Türkiye told Anadolu on Thursday.

"I think the efforts that have been made by the economic team, both the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance, have to be recognized, as they have been tackling inflation," said Humberto Lopez.

Lopez noted that Türkiye has strong infrastructure and human capital, and despite potential issues down the line, the outlook appears positive.

Lopez stated that the World Bank's executive board held a meeting this April where they discussed a new strategy for the fiscal year.

"We are proposing, for the initial three years, a (finance) package of $18 billion, that is on top of what we have in this moment, which is $17 billion," he said.

"Of the $18 billion we are proposing, $12 billion will be directed to the private sector, $6 billion will be directed to the public sector," he added.