Turkish charity lends helping hand to 385,000 orphans

The Turkish Red Crescent (Kızılay) has extended a helping hand to 385,000 orphans and children in 15 countries in the last 25 years, the charity said Friday to mark World Children's Day.

The charity said in a statement it has helped children in different geographies to ensure every child's most basic rights, including to life, development, access to health services and education.

Kızılay distributes food, shelter, hygiene and educational materials to needy children who live in camps or orphanages in 15 countries, and provides vocational training.

Kızılay not only distributes milk and eggs every week to provide protein support but it also establishes playgrounds to support the psychosocial development of children

From 1995 and 2020 it has delivered more than 3.6 million educational materials to children through its permanent delegations.

"Unfortunately, not every child in the world can live under equal conditions. We, as a Turkish Red Crescent, strive to minimize this inequality," said Kerem Kınık, who heads Kızılay.

Within the framework of cooperation signed with UNICEF, the charity supports child protection, psychosocial support and education, said Kınık.

Worldwide celebrations are held by UNICEF and its partners annually Nov. 20 to promote child rights on World Children's Day.

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