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Ankara concert honors national struggle during coup bid

Anadolu Agency TURKEY
Published July 15,2020

Turkey's presidential complex on Tuesday night hosted a special concert marking the fourth anniversary of the 2016 defeated coup.

A piece by world-famous Turkish pianist Fahir Atakoğlu composed to honor the national struggle on the night of July 15 four years ago premiered in the Ankara concert organized by the Directorate of Communications.

Presidential Symphony Orchestra, Culture and Tourism Ministry State Choir, and Sufi musician Sami Savi Özer joined Atakoğlu in the concert.

Atakoglu's composition, which featured the most important moments and venues of the coup bid night, consisted of chapters called betrayal, honor, Marmaris, sela, call, commander-in-chief, house of the nation, martyrs bridge and watch of democracy.