Media body decries Egypt’s raid on Anadolu Agency


An Istanbul-based press association condemned Wednesday a police raid on Anadolu Agency's office in Cairo and the detention of its employees.

"We hereby condemn the Egyptian government and demand that Anadolu Agency employees be set free immediately," Media Association said in a statement.

"The Egyptian government should give up its hostile and arbitrary attitude against journalists," the statement read.

It urges Egyptian authorities to "apologize to Turkey and to the families of the abductees" and vowed to "bring forth this issue in international platforms and follow the case to the end."

Egyptian police raided the Cairo office of Anadolu Agency and detained four employees late Tuesday.

The detainees include one Turkish citizen who were taken to an unknown destination.

Turkey condemned the move and called for the immediate release of the Anadolu Agency staff.

"Four AA employees have been abducted to an unknown place. We are fearing about the employees' lives, who have been unlawfully abducted," Media Association said. "The track record of the putschist Egyptian government increases our fears."

Pointing out Egyptian authorities' rejecting calls for information regarding the situation of the employees, the media body described Cairo's attitude as "unacceptable".

"The Egyptian police's acts are not only an attack against media but also the total suppression of human rights," it added.

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