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Nets beat Clippers 112-108 to earn 6th successive win

Anadolu Agency SPORT
Published February 22,2021

The Brooklyn Nets defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 112-108 for the sixth straight win this season late on Sunday.

James Harden was dominant with 37 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists, while Kyrie Irving added 28 points and eight assists for the Nets.

For the losing side, Paul George produced 34 points, Kawhi Leonard 29 points, and Ivica Zubac 13 points.

The Nets improved to 20-12 win/loss to sit in the second spot in the Eastern Conference.

The Clippers have 22 wins to be in third place in the Western Conference.


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Cleveland Cavaliers - Oklahoma City Thunder: 101-117

Orlando Magic - Detroit Pistons: 105-96

Toronto Raptors - Philadelphia 76ers: 110-103

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Atlanta Hawks - Denver Nuggets: 123-115

Los Angeles Clippers - Brooklyn Nets: 108-112

Milwaukee Bucks - Sacramento Kings: 128-115