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Could monkeypox turn into a pandemic?: Public health expert explains

But Dr. Elmer Huerta, an oncologist, and specialist in Public Health, has responded to questions about whether the monkeypox virus cases that are on the rise could turn into a new pandemic.

Published May 21,2022

The cases of the monkeypox virus have been on the rise around the world, while the World Health Organization confirmed 80 new cases and 50 suspected ones in 11 different countries.

This caused a considerable amount of concern among people about whether this could be the start of a new pandemic.

But Dr. Elmer Huerta, an oncologist and specialist in Public Health, has responded to these questions.

Speaking to CNN, Huerta said that although the virus may spread more because of how globalized the world is, since the virus requires close contact to be able to pass from human to human, he does not believe that it becomes a pandemic.

"The type of the infection does not allow this," he said.

"But we already had our lessons from Covid-19 and we have to be really cautious with this one too."