Turkish defense industry 'guiding' NATO


The Resilience Decision Support Model, developed by a Turkish defense firm for NATO, is guiding the alliance in analyzing the effects of complex problems properly and setting roadmaps.

Led by the Turkish Defense Industries Presidency, STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Corporation is bringing innovative and unique solutions to some of the key global problems in engineering, technology and consultancy.

The Resilience Decision Support Model, developed for NATO by STM ThinkTech, STM's technology-based think tank, contributes to the problem analysis and decision-making processes of NATO.

The model, based on System Dynamics approach, was completed successfully and recently delivered to NATO's military command, Allied Command Transformation.

The project was launched on Oct. 29, 2019. A new contract was recently signed for the second phase of the project, expected to last five months, to update the current model.

The Decision Support Model provides analyses about which regions and infrastructures will be affected by certain types of shocks and to what extent. These shock types determined by NATO include major population movements, conflicts, large scale power outages and natural disasters.

The model provides decision making support to authorities and decision makers for the proper reorientation and direction of resources and investments, illustrating all kinds of strategic changes that might take place in the social and political realm, as well as the effects of such shocks on the civilian and military structures and the performances of military units.

STM CEO Murat Ikinci said that ThinkTech is working with the goal of creating sustainable solutions to problems in defense and security fields.

He added that STM has nearly 30 years of experience and vast knowledge on these topics, which they convert to technological developments and ideas.

Ikinci said that besides raising awareness in the local ecosystem, they also take on a global mission in creating unique models that provide tangible results for key organizations.

"The Resilience Decision Support Model that we developed specially for NATO to support the decision-making process is an important contribution in this context. We will continue to diversify our solutions for threats against national security both in the national and global areas and to cooperate with prestigious organizations such as NATO."

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