France's coronavirus death toll up but hospitalizations down

Tuesday brought more improvement in 's battle against the coronavirus, as cases of infection dropped significantly and fatalities remained low.

's coronavirus death toll rose by more than a 100 for the first time in 13 days on Tuesday, an increase that includes nursing homes data again after a three-day interruption.

The health ministry said the number of fatalities had risen by 107, or 0.4%, to 28,940, the fifth-highest tally in the world.

These data were reported the day after Parisian cafes and restaurants reopened for the first time in 11 weeks as the country eases lockdown measures.

The ministry said the number of people in hospital fell by more than 260, or 1.8%, to 14,028, and the number of people in intensive care fell by 49, or 3.8%, to 1,253.

Both numbers have been on a downward trend since mid-April.

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