Deaths from novel coronavirus outbreak keep climbing in France

on Saturday reported 319 more deaths in hospital caused by the , bringing the total toll of the epidemic in the country to 2,314. There are now 37,575 cases of coronavirus infection in France, up 4,611 on the day before, according to a daily update published by the government. There are now 17,620 people in hospital, with 4,273 of them in , it added.

French health authorities reported 319 new deaths from the coronavirus on Saturday, up 16% on the previous day and taking the total to 2,314, as the government scrambled to increase the number of intensive care beds nationwide.

The daily government tally only accounts for those dying in hospital but authorities say they will be able to compile data on deaths in retirement homes from next week, which is likely to result in a big increase in registered fatalities.

The number of known cases of infection rose to 37,575 on Saturday from 32,964 a day earlier, the health authority said.

Both the death toll and the number of infections are likely higher than the official figures.

The number of those who died counts only those who died in hospital -- not retirement homes or at home -- while only those deemed at high risk are currently being tested.

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