Violent protests erupt in Chile despite state of emergency

Demonstrators in Chile clashed with police Saturday despite a state of emergency declared to deal with 's worst violence years.

The day started with thousands of Chileans banging pots and pans in the latest expression of anger over social and economic woes.

But this gave way to clashes between hooded demonstrators and riot police and soldiers in several areas of the Chilean capital

Soldiers are patrolling the streets in 's capital for the first time since the military dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet ended in 1990.

The military presence is part of a declared by President Sebastián Piñera in response to student-led protests over a rise in subway fares that paralyzed the city.

Protesters burned several subway stations and damaged dozens of others. Officials reported 156 police officers and 11 civilians injured and more than 300 people arrested.

The streets of Santiago were calmer Saturday morning, but new protests broke out at midday and police fired tear gas to break them up.

The government recently raised subway fares from about $1.12 to $1.16 due to rising fuel prices.

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