EU's Juncker says he is convinced Brexit will happen

There is still time for London and Brussels to make a deal, outgoing European Commission president stressed in televised remarks on Sunday, as the clock runs down to a October 31 deadline. "I believe that we still have a chance to reach an agreement," Juncker said in a statement.

President Jean-Claude Juncker has said he is convinced will happen, reiterating that if Britain left the European Union without a deal there would be a new border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

"I'm convinced that Brexit will happen," he told Sky News in an interview last week, before he had seen the ideas Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government sent to Brussels to try to push Brexit talks forward.

Asked whether there would be a new border between the British province of and EU member Ireland if there was a no-deal Brexit, Juncker said: "Yes ... We have to make sure that the interests of the and of the internal market will be preserved."

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