Digital Turkey Version 1.0 completed 6 months early

Turkey completed a major step towards digital governance six months earlier than planned, the country's vice president said on Tuesday.

"Digital Turkey Version 1.0 that was planned to be completed for the end of this year, has been completed and integrated six months early," Fuat Oktay told lawmakers in the parliament's planning and budget committee.

Oktay noted that Turkey would adopt a new system in 2023, the centenary of Turkish Republic.

"In the digital Turkey of 2023, we will adopt the Digital Turkey 2.0 system, which will be based on people-focused artificial intelligence, named 2.0 with the use of big data," Oktay said.

He underlined that the average number of documents per service in government offices dropped from 3.81 to 0.35 after Digital Turkey Version 1.0 was completed.

The Digital Turkey Version 1.0 is a data base used by state institutions and organizations.

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