Muslim Brotherhood says never 'harmed Kuwait security'

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood group said Saturday it has never attempted to harm the stability and security of the state of Kuwait.

This came one day after Kuwaiti authorities said they busted a "terrorist cell" linked to the group.

The Kuwaiti interior ministry said Friday it had arrested eight Egyptians accused of joining the Muslim Brotherhood on terrorism-related charges.

The ministry said the eight were hiding in Kuwait and that they had allegedly admitted to have committed terrorist attacks in before escaping to the Gulf state.

In a statement, the Brotherhood said the eight Egyptians "were working in under legal procedures that organize the residence of the expatriates."

"It was never proved that the [eight] had committed any violation of the country's laws or harmed its security and stability," it said.

The Brotherhood said that "it is keen on maintaining the security and stability of Kuwait and respecting its constitution laws," going on to call for not extraditing the eight defendants to Egypt "for fears of injustice and maltreatment."

Egypt blacklisted the Brotherhood in 2013, shortly after deposing democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi the same year after protests against his one-year rule.

Morsi died last month during a trial session in Cairo on espionage charges.

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