Turkish divers return from rescue mission in northern Iraq

A Turkish Navy team returned home from northern Iraq on Thursday after completing a weeks-long search and rescue mission for the victims of a deadly ferryboat accident in Northern Iraq.

The 20-strong team recovered the bodies of three people after continuous efforts in the Tigris River, where more than 100 passengers of a boat died after the craft sunk near the city of Mosul.

Hailing the group, Turkish Consul General Hakan Karaçay said the divers had completed their mission and that they represented a helping extended by Turkey to the people of Iraq.

Turkish team of navy divers helped Iraqi emergency workers in recovery efforts after the sinking of an overcrowded boat on March 21 that killed at least 102 people in the Tigris River.

Rescue teams had managed to pull at least a dozen survivors from the river, while at least 60 survivors were able to swim ashore.

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