Two suspicious packages sent to Bank of England - police

The Bank of England and surrounding areas were closed off to the public after two suspicious packages were found by police. Officers of the City of London police shut down roads and diverted commuters while they investigate the nature of the packages and whether they posed any threats. However, after investigating the packages, the police have declared the area to be safe and the cordons were lifted and the roads reopened.

Two suspicious packages have been sent to the Bank of England and nearby roads have been closed, local police said on Friday.

"Our officers are currently dealing with reports of two suspicious packages sent to the Bank of England. There is currently a 100 metre cordon around the building," City of London police said in a statement.

However, after investigating the packages, police declared safe two suspicious packages sent to the Bank of England on Friday and said cordons closing off nearby roads had been lifted.

Last month, letter bombs were sent to buildings in London and Glasgow in the United Kingdom and to Limerick in Ireland, which police said were linked.

Police blew up a parcel sent to the University of Glasgow on March 6, and said it was linked to the three devices sent to major transport hubs in London the day before.

White postal bags holding small bombs were sent to London's Heathrow and City airports and to Waterloo, the capital's busiest train station, on March 5. One device caught fire when opened but caused no injuries and services continued at all three hubs.

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