March in support of Venezuelan President Maduro

AA Photo

Venezuelans gathered in Caracas on Saturday to take part in a rally organized by United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), in support of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

"Those who call for a foreign military intervention in Venezuela will be treated as enemies," Diosdado Cabello deputy chief of the Socialist Party told a huge crowd at the O'Leary city center.

"According to the constitution there is only one head of state," he added.

"The constitution does not say that the United States can take decisions on behalf of Venezuela," Cabello said.

Cabello also emphasized that they were prepared for any kind of military threat.

Venezuela has been rocked by protests since Jan. 10, when Maduro was sworn in for a second term following a vote boycotted by the opposition.

Tensions escalated when Guaido, who heads Venezuela's National Assembly, declared himself acting president on Jan. 23, a move supported by the U.S. and many European and Latin American countries.

Turkey, Russia, Iran, Cuba, China and Bolivia threw their weight behind Maduro.

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