If UK Parliament rejects May's Brexit deal, what's Plan B?

Prime Minister Theresa May must win a vote in parliament to get her Brexit deal approved, or risk seeing Britain's exit from the European Union descend into chaos. If May loses the vote, she is required by parliament to come back within three working days with a motion setting out her next steps. The reality is that the huge uncertainty in the world's fifth largest economy and the likely adverse reaction of financial markets would demand a much quicker political reaction.

British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit divorce deal may not be, as one opposition lawmaker called it, "as dead as the deadest dodo," but it is definitely ailing.

It looks very likely that Britain's Parliament will reject the agreement in a vote scheduled for Tuesday. If that happens, May has until the start of next week to come back to Parliament with a Plan B — and Britain has just 10 weeks until it is due to leave the bloc, with or without a deal, on March 29.

Here's a look at what might happen if lawmakers vote down the deal.

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