Four Arab states label Gulf crisis "small" problem

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE labelled the Gulf crisis on Thursday as a 'small' problem to be resolved through the mediation of Kuwait, according to the Saudi news agency.

According to the Saudi Arabia's official SPA news agency, the permanent representatives of these four countries to the UN which cut their diplomatic and trade ties with Qatar made a joint statement in response to the Gulf crisis.

In the statement, the four countries highlighted Qatar's role in promoting radical ideologies and the role of hate speech on media and promoting violence.

It is also highlighted that the Gulf crisis is a "small" problem that needs to be resolved locally by the mediation of Kuwait.

- New statement from Qatar

In a new statement by the permanent representative delegation of Qatar to the UN in Geneva, the four countries were incapable of providing evidence of their accusations for Qatar, according to the official QNA news agency.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have imposed a land, sea and air blockade on Qatar and presented a list of demands to Doha to end the siege, including the closure of the Al Jazeera television network and the Turkish base in Doha, or face further sanctions.

Doha denies the accusation of terrorism and contends the blockade is a violation of international law.

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