Turkish religious authority hosting Jerusalem meeting

Turkey's top religious authority will host an international meeting in Istanbul focusing on Jerusalem and its iconic Al-Aqsa Mosque, the authority announced on Saturday.

The meeting on "Jerusalem: The City Blessed by Revelation" will draw attention to the importance of Jerusalem in the Islamic faith and work to keep alive solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people as well as promote the cause of Al-Aqsa, the Religious Affairs Directorate said in a written statement.

The meeting on Jan. 29-30 will include representatives from 20 countries, including Pakistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Britain, France, Kenya, Somalia, and Uganda, the statement said.

Around 70 Muslim scholars and researchers will also take part in the event.

Two panels will be held on "The Muslim Identity of Jerusalem " and "The Experience of Co-Existence: The Example of Jerusalem," said the statement.

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