Academic not to mention Noah's cellphone

Associate Professor Cihan Yavuz Örnek, who argued earlier this month that today's technology had yet to reach the level of Noah's time and that Noah had called his son with a "cellphone" during the flood, said he was told not to talk about his theories by a university executive.

The academic from Istanbul University's Department of Marine Sciences, had made the claim on a television show, becoming a national sensation.

Speaking to Hürriyet daily, he said he regretted the way the matter became public.

"They made me angry on the show. I don't know if I was tricked. I should have explained myself properly. I started the story with the cellphone and everyone objected. I could have proven my claims if they had let me," Örnek, who claims to be a scientist, said.

"If I said Noah got animals on a wooden vessel, they would spit on my face. I told the truth, but now I regret going on the show," he added.

He said has supporters and claimed that there were requests for his book to be translated into other languages.

When asked about renowned historian İlber Ortaylı's suggestion that he take up a different profession, he said he was not angry with Ortaylı but furious at those who swore at him on social media.

"Ortaylı did the right thing. If he had publicly supported me, he would have lost respect. If we talk face to face, I know I can persuade him," he explained.

In his latest book "The Sultan of Epics, the Flood, 46-Floor Ship," Örnek tries to prove how Noah was surrounded by technology far more advanced than today's.

In a previous interview, the associate professor said, "The ship was made from high-quality steel that we still cannot recreate. The ship stayed at sea for six months to a year. It would have only been possible if the ship had run on nuclear energy, similar to the way some ships run now. It did not have three floors but three sections. Noah had his own television, internet and even aerial vessels to take him into space."

He also dismissed claims that two of every animal species was taken onboard.

"Noah purchased frozen, fertilized eggs for every animal in the world. The ship had no animals." Örnek also said. "The Quran mentions Noah talking with his son through waves the size of mountains. That means the waves were at least 500 to 1,000 meters high. His son was 100 kilometers away. They, naturally, communicated via cellphones."

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