Wikipedia removes fabricated content falsely associating Turkey with terror groups

Wikipedia removed fabricated content falsely associating Turkey with terror groups after being blocked for almost nine months in the country, the executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation Katherine Maher said Wednesday.

According to Turkish daily HaberTürk, Katherine Maher said all articles that were asked to be changed or deleted over containing information aiming to show Turkey as being in cooperation with some terror groups were edited accordingly.

"We hope Wikipedia will be unblocked in Turkey as soon as possible as all the false content has been removed," Maher said, adding that they are waiting for the Turkish government to check the website.

Noting that the Turkish Wikipedia contains over 300,000 articles, Maher said that they hope to increase that number to one million once the ban is lifted.

"I hope Turkey will be a part of Wikipedia again as this country has significant history and very rich culture," she added.

Access to the website was blocked in Turkey in April by the internet watchdog Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) after Wikipedia refused to cooperate with Ankara in the removal of fabricated content.

Turkey also requested Wikipedia to open a representative agency in the country, comply with the international law and pay taxes like other companies operating in the country.

The ban appeared to be in effect for all languages.

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