Russia’s invisibility ‘membranes’ pass initial testing: research center

Russia's high-tech invisibility suits created for its defense and interior ministries have successfully passed preliminary tests Thursday, according to the head of the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects (FPI).

"The experimental samples have already successfully passed the stage of preliminary tests. We are continuing testing them as part of the uniform of the Russian Interior Ministry's patrol service," Andrei Grigoriev told Sputnik News.

The membranous suits are reportedly lightweight and make their wearer nearly invisible. FPI has not made public the technology behind the "membranes'" cloaking quality.

The suits, which are planned for serial production, will be marketed not only to military and special services, but also to makers of sportswear and uniforms for professionals working in extreme conditions, Grigoriev said.

Grigoriev had previously told Sputnik the suits would also protect wearers from disease.

"The obtained filter material by far exceeds all existing analogues in its ability to stop the most dangerous aerosol particles such as viruses, toxins, allergens. This technology could usher in a wide variety of protective materials for medical, military and other purposes," Grigoryev said in February.

The FPI is Russia's most advanced military research organization, established in 2012 to help Russia update its military equipment and develop new technologies, specifically biological, chemical, technical, medical and information.

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