Daesh attack on power plant leaves 15 dead in N. Iraq


Suicide bombers dressed as members of the Iraqi security forces killed fifteen people and wounded 11 in an attack on a power plant north of Baghdad on Saturday, officials and a survivor said.

At least 15 people were killed and 11 more injured on Saturday when Daesh terrorists staged a suicide attack on a power plant in Iraq's northern Saladin province, according to local security sources.

"Joint security forces killed eight Daesh suicide attackers who attempted to storm the Al-Jalesiyya power plant in Saladin's city of Samarra," an Iraqi military source, speaking anonymously due to restrictions on talking to media, told Anadolu Agency.

According to Police First Lieutenant Numaan al-Jubouri, seven other people -- mostly security personnel -- were also killed in the attack, while 11 others were injured.

"Security in the area has since been stepped up, while army reinforcements have been brought in from Samarra," al-Jubouri told Anadolu Agency.

Saturday's suicide attack comes amid preparations by the Iraqi army for fresh military operations aimed at recapturing Kirkuk's Al-Hawija district and Saladin's Sharqat district, both of which are still held by Daesh.

In June, the Iraqi army retook the northern city of Mosul, regional capital of Nineveh province, from the terrorist group after a nine-month campaign.

And in August, Daesh was driven from Nineveh's Tal Afar district following a weeklong army operation.

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