Car bomb targets Iraqi embassy in Afghanistan’s Kabul


The Iraqi Embassy in the Afghan capital, Kabul was attacked Monday by Daesh militants with a heavy blast followed by dark smoke and gunfire.

The Ministry of Interior spokesman Najib Danish told Anadolu Agency that up to four attackers were involved in the attack.

"A suicide bomber blew up himself at the entrance of the embassy while three others made their way in, and started shooting," he said.

The ministry announced that the special unit of the Afghan National Police (ANP) had reached the site quickly and surrounded the area and rescued the embassy staff.

"The clearance operation still continues in the area," it said in a statement while denouncing the incident "un-Islamic and inhuman" act of the terrorists.

Meanwhile, Daesh's propaganda agency Amaq said that two members of "the Islamic State [another word for Daesh] attack the Iraqi embassy building in the Afghan city of Kabul" without providing further details.

The Iraqi Embassy is located outside the diplomatic enclave close to the downtown Shahr-e-Nau area famous for its restaurants and shopping malls.

In a rare press event two weeks ago, the embassy had celebrated Iraqi forces' victory over Daesh in Mosul, Iraq.

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