Turkish forces arrest more than 200 Daesh suspects


Turkish security forces arrested more than 200 Daesh-linked suspects Wednesday in nationwide counter-terrorism operations, an official statement said.

According to the statement issued by Security General Directorate, the security personnel conducted operations against Daesh terrorist organization in 29 provinces, arresting a total of 233 suspects.

The Daesh terrorists were planning to carry out attacks in July, especially on events marking the first anniversary of defeated coup attempt, which left at least 250 people martyred and 2,193 others injured.

In eastern provinces, the security forces arrested 10 suspects in Malatya, five in Van and four in Elazig.

At least 21 Daesh suspects were arrested in western Izmir province, six in central Eskisehir province, and seven in Kirikkale province.

The security personnel also rounded up 10 Daesh suspects in southern Mersin province, 22 in Hatay province, one in northern Samsun province, three in Trabzon province and nine in northwestern Sakarya province.

Elsewhere, Turkish forces launched a counter-terrorism operation in Meram district of central Konya province Wednesday, killing at least five Daesh terrorists.

Four security personnel were slightly injured in the operation.

Turkey has suffered from a number of attacks by Daesh, including the Ankara train station bombing in October 2015 that killed more than 100 people.

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